Interserver vps and cloud hosting review

Interserver VPS and Cloud Hosting Review

Building a website is now become a part and parcel of any business. To get the online existence, we must have a website related to our business and company. It is better to make the website at the same name of your offline business and company.

Do you think that it is very expensive and hard to make?

Not at all.

Don’t worry. This piece of review article is dedicated for you. I have reviewed some of web host companies and find the best one out. The recommended hosting would make you surprised providing their best services at a cheaper expense.

Interserver vps and cloud hosting review

You will feel like winner by purchasing Interserver hosting plans. Here, I would like to recommend you the VPS and Cloud hosting.

The cause is that VPS and Cloud hosting is faster than the shared hosting and cheaper than the dedicated hosting. So, to get the best performance at cheaper rate you will like Interserver VPS and Cloud hosting.

Interserver VPS and Cloud Hosting Reviews

I have been reviewing several web hosting companies for last 5 years. From my real experience, honestly speaking, Interserver becomes one of my favorite web hosts. As I have built a portfolio website of my own, I have hosted my website on Interserver VPS hosting plan.

interserver web hosting linux and windows cloud vps

Now, I am satisfied with my hosting and its performance.  Previously I was hosted it on another hosting platform. But my website experienced down time several times. As I review web hosts, I have found Interserver reliable and trusted one.

Then I switched my hosting to Interserver. Now my website is performing better than before. I have found no down time ever. Faster page loading time make me impressed.

Why I Choose Interserver?

interserver plans pricing

The awesome features and opportunities of Interserver Web Hosting are the big reason for choosing them. Would you like to spend some time to have a look on the features of Interserver?  If yes, then read through the following

Cheaper Price

I have found Interserver VPS and Cloud hosting plans as cheaper than the other web hostings. The plans are started at $6.00 per month for Linux Cloud VPS and $10.00 per month for Windows Cloud VPS.

Are not they cheaper? I think they are.

I am using the Linux Cloud VPS and find the Linux plan better than the Windows Cloud VPS.

Scalable Hosting Plan

This feature is very useful and helpful for web masters. If you are using a low power plan and you feel like to customize the power, you can do it. Very few companies will allow you to expand the hosting power. But Interserver does.

Interserver power

If you need to expand CPU cores, memory, storage and transfer limit, you can. Even you can enlarge a single element only having the others same. For this ypou have to pay for that element only. Is not it good?

FREE Bread Basket

The bread basket which comprises  –

interserver web hosting

  • Deployment of 100s of apps on cloud VPS.
  • Only deployment of the software you need.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • No extra expense for control panel.
  • Easy Cloud VPS.

All of them are completely free and included with the hosting plan.

High Storage Facility

Interserver offers all VPS with highly performing SSD drives. These high performance storage disks ranges from 30 GB to 240 GB. They are 20 times faster than SATA disk drives.

99.99% Uptime

I have told from my experience that my website yet not experience a single down time for a single secoud. The uptime is almost 99.99%. No web host companies can tell that they can provide 100% uptime. If anyone can say, they are lying. Interserver is the best for their uptime quality.

Multiple Language Supported Servers

The Interserver supports and access multiple programming languages and applications. The latest and upgraded versions of PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Perl Python and more are pre-installed on the server.

interserver cheap hosting

You also can customize your plan using server software or OS components as you wish in the Linux Cloud VPS.

Best Customer Support

Interserver provides 24/7 award winning customer support for their clients. If you need help of an expert live person, don’t feel hesitated. Web hosting experts are 24/7 online to help you any time.

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