About Us

Founder and owner of this website

Abigail Hernandez is the founder and owner of this website. There are few team members. We have 2 teams. One is SEO expert team and another one is for writing and keyword research task.

Our Approach

If you own a business you need the online existence of your business. Thus you will get some extra customers who might be interested in your products, services or businesses. We are the professional reviewers of businesses and products. Any company can hire us to write for them.

We Are SEO Specialist

Not only we write content for a business but also after publishing the contents we give a chance to talk with our Search Engine Optimization Consultant. We can help your business to get the first page even first position (if you have already good content) on Google Search Result Pages!

We have Keyword Research Team

We provide keyword research service as well for our client’s business and products. We will extract targeted keywords on our products. If these researched keywords are added to the blog post, the post will be ranked on search engine like Google, Bing soon and as a result you will get targeted and organic customers to your business.